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The Firs

Full renovation and extension. Extend the basement and fully tank. Lower kitchen floor, take down and rebuild rear gable. Knock down garage. Build kitchen/dining room extension. Remodel the inside from top to bottom. New slate roof. Renew all plumbing. Full rewire. Tradition underfloor heating to basement, kitchen and dining room. Overlay underfloor heating to existing floors on ground floor and first floor. 6 new bathrooms. New windows. New kitchen and utility room.

Architect: Tsiantar Architects Limited

'Our 1870s Victorian house needed a building firm that had the capacity and knowledge to restore and modernise the neglected building and bring about the potential that it had. The house needed a new roof, a cellar conversion and renewal or refurbishment of every wall, floor, ceiling, window, door, pipe and wire in between. Longdendale were more than equal to the task. In particular I would commend them on the quality of their workmanship and attention to detail. The task we took on with them was daunting but thanks to Longdendale we now have a wonderful home.'

Simon, The Firs

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